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  1. Add fruits and vegies. Include two fruits or vegetables at every meal. You'll feel fuller and naturally cut back on calories from other foods. Try eating a salad and an apple with your turkey sandwich for lunch or adding two servings of steamed vegetables at dinner.

  2. Eat breakfast. People who eat breakfast are less likely to overeat later in the day. A simple breakfast will suffice. Try fruit and cereal with milk.

  3. Eat something every four hours. Pack your briefcase, your desk drawer, or even your car with a ready supply of fruit, pretzels, string cheese, cereal bars or other quick and healthy snacks. Small snacks eaten at regular intervals will keep you from becoming ravenously hungry.

  4. Satisfy your hunger. Choose meals that leave you feeling satisfied rather than stuffed. Avoid swinging from being too full to being too hungry. Listen to your body's natural hunger cues.

  5. Eyeball portions. One serving of rice is the size of your fist; an ounce of cheese is a large marble; a three ounce serving of meat is a deck of cards. You can still enjoy a variety of foods. Just cut the portion sizes.

  6. Divide your plate. To make sure that you get all of your nutrients with every meal, fill three-quarters of your plate with vegetables, grains, beans and fruit, and one-quarter with lean meat or low fat dairy products.

  7. Allow for favorites. If you are craving a cookie for a snack or fettuccine Alfredo for dinner, go ahead and have it. Just compensate by cutting another item from one of that day's meals.

  8. Drink water. Keep bottled water in your refrigerator and with you at work and in your car. Take sips throughout the day. It is much easier to get your daily quota of water this way than to try and drink entire glasses all at once. Drinking water right before a meal can help you feel full faster.

  9. Eat slowly. It takes up to 20 minutes for signals to reach your brain and tell it that your stomach is full. To prevent stuffing yourself, put your folk down between bites, sip water, focus more on conversation, take small bites, and wait 15 minutes before deciding if you really want to take seconds.

  10. Cut 100 calories each day. Cutting calories will result in a slow but steady weight loss. Make substitutions. Replace a regular candy bar with two pieces of fruit. Or substitute steamed vegies for a serving of potato chips. Replace regular sodas with diet sodas or water.

  11. Use timesavers. Buy precut and bagged lettuce, baby carrots, fruit, or frozen vegetables. This eliminates the "inconvenience" of dealing with fresh produce.

  12. Reduce calories, fat and sugar. Grab potatoes, not potato chips. Choose whole-wheat bread, not doughnuts. Go for healthy alternatives whenever possible.

  13. Eat consciously. Don't nibble while cleaning the kitchen, cooking meals or watching television. Reserve meal times for meals only. Eliminate distractions and focus on the food. Enjoy the food.

  14. Limit alcohol. Alcohol contains a lot of calories. It tends to stimulate your appetite and undermine your willpower. So reserve alcoholic beverages for special occasions and sip from small glasses.

  15. Brush your teeth. This can stop you from "grazing" by cutting the taste of food in your mouth and signaling your body and mind that you are done eating.

  16. Add beans. Salads and soups are more satisfying and will help curb your appetite longer if you add a handful of beans to increase the fiber in your diet.

  17. Sweeten with spice. Use sweet-tasting spices like cinnamon and vanilla instead of sugar in desserts. They add flavor without the extra calories.

  18. Count calories, not fat grams. It is excess calories that lead to weight gain. If you are trying to choose between two different foods, choose the one that is lower in calories. You will nearly always be choosing the one with lower fat. Remember, watch the portion sizes.

  19. Go spicy. Overeating can be an underlying search for flavor. Add spices such as chili powder, curry or pepper to chicken, meat, rice or sauces.

  20. Eat healthy at restaurants. Most restaurants serve too much food at one meal. Stick to soup, salad and low-fat (not fried) appetizers. If you order a large entrée, just eat half and take the rest home and eat it for lunch the next day.

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