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First, calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), the amount of calories your body needs just to maintain itself at rest:

Your weight in kilograms  X  24 = your calories for BMR  _______
(#lbs.   X   0.45)


Now calculate your calories for daily activity (choose one of the following categories based on your activity level):

Light activity:       BMR    X     0.3      =  _______
Moderate activity:    BMR    X     0.5      =  _______
Heavy activity:       BMR    X     0.7      =  _______


Now, just add the two numbers together. Your total calorie requirement is:

Your BMR  +  Your calories for daily activity =  ________


If you consume this number of calories every day, your weight will remain the same (assuming that your activity level remains the same). To gain weight, simply consume more calories without increasing your physical activity. To lose weight, eat about 300 fewer calories each day and increase your daily physical activity to burn an additional 300-400 calories . This will result in a slow but steady weight loss.

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